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The Tea Crane

19 février, 2016

It's an honor for me to establish a partnership with The Tea Crane, Premium organic & natural japanese tea.
The Tea Crane

Founder of the Tea Crane : Tyas Huybrechts

Tyas Huysbrechts - The Tea Crane

Store profile :
location : Osaka (Japan)
establisment : 2015 (december) 
number of employees : one-man store
number of products : 15 variations of tea

Tea Crane 's mission : brew a pure tea; savor a pure moment. 

Tyas Huysbrechts - The Tea Crane

The focus :
organic and naturally produced Japanese tea
engaged producers
original, pure and unsullied flavor
traditional production methods

The Tea Crane's goals :
to introduce and expand high quality Japanese tea to the West
to enjoy Japanese tradition and culture through Tea
to expand the notion of “natural and organic produce” in Japan
to be mindful of our own environment
to live a healthy and slow life

Here some pictures sent by Tyas

                                                                      Tea leaves

Tea leaves - The Tea Crane

Tea leaves - The Tea Crane

Tea leaves - The Tea Crane

                                                                            Tea seeds

Tea seeds -  The Tea Crane

Tea seeds -  The Tea Crane

                                                                     Tsukigase fields

Tsukigase fields - The Tea Crane
The pictures are those of the tea fields and bushes of the farmer who produces the Mountain Tea collection. These are all organically farmed bushes. The two pictures with the brown rounded things on the branches are tea seeds which are used for planting new trees. The location is in Nara prefecture, Japan.
Thanks Tyas very much for these very beautiful pictures.

Soon to discover The Tea Crane's teas :)

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